Why EFT? image


Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, also known as Tapping, is used to help manage stress, reduce anxiety, overcome phobias, lose weight and eliminate physical pain. EFT looks so simple yet it has proven to be very effective.

Following set protocols which can be easily learned and applied, gently tapping on specific acupressure points on your head, body and hands can have outstanding outcomes. There are numerous EFT tapping videos and books available today, however having the guidance of an experienced EFT practitioner cannot be over emphasised, to help you achieve the life changing results many people around the world have already achieved.

Why train in EFT?
Nigel and Karon are members of the EFT & Mindfulness Centre organisation and are authorised by them to offer accredited trainings in EFT in levels 1, 2 and 3. The 'certifying and accrediting' body is the EFT and Mindfulness Centre.

Many people have used EFT for their own use and to help friends and family members. Many coaches, complimentary and holistic therapists have been able to incorporate EFT into their existing practices. Empowering clients in the use of EFT both between sessions and for future use is the main focus both Nigel and Karon aspire to.

Past EFT trainees have pursued a career change so they can follow their desire to help others improve their emotional and physical health. You will have your own reasons to become qualified in EFT, and whatever your motivation, we welcome you on this part of your journey!

Why train with us?

Others have used or heard of EFT and are interested in deepening their knowledge of it, perhaps for their own use or to support friends and family members. Enjoy a professional and experiential learning environment, both face to face and on line. Numbers are deliberately kept small so that everyone receives individual attention while learning, with lots of time to interact. Emphasis is placed on learning and pracrice, practice, practice.

Each training will have at least one experienced practitioner available to offer support and guidance. All trainees will receive ongoing support and mentoring from us, benefiting from a combined 20 years of EFT experience. You have a lifetime’s access to a support forum. In line with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre trainings, your course investment includes case study assessment, a one to one supervision session and marking of your online exam.

We offer transparent, open communication, appropriate to all learning styles. As well as face to face in person training, online training is available from the comfort of your own home. The Zoom format allows working in pairs in breakout rooms, private messages in the chat and for sessions to be recorded. Outside of the trainings, both Karon and Nigel are available for one to one session support for personal issues or practitioner development. For more details check out Our Courses page.